“For now I ask no more than the justice of eating.” - Pablo Neruda


Nutrition is vital for growing kids! When we started our work, some kids slept hungry. Now, when there’s a food shortage, we provide what they need, and try to provide nutritious food, to the largest possible extent. For HIV+ kids, this includes a natural supplement shake along with their medication.

This program focuses on nutrition, vital for young kids growing up. When we started working with these orphanages, some of them had kids who slept hungry. Now, whenever there’s a food shortage, they contact us and we provide what they need. But we also make sure we are providing nutritious food, to the extent that it is possible.

The children mostly eat beans and maize throughout the year, as that is what is available to them. Whenever possible, we provide them with fruit, meat and vegetables to supplement their diet, with the goal of having each child eat two pieces of fruit per day, and drink one liter of water.


At Loving Hands, which houses 40 HIV positive kids, we provide them with a natural supplement shake in the morning with natural ingredients including turmeric, honey and black cumin--this goes along with their medication, of course. Since they started taking the supplement, many have stopped coughing and no longer experience chest pains. They also don’t get sick as frequently. For a few girls with severe STDs, this has meant less frequent hospitalisation.


Glimpses of the project